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  • Anouncement for reed type artificial larynx MOKSORI at 14th Conference for voice and science-1st workshop for voice and language. Hanju Kim(represent of Moksori), Syunghee Choi(Prof), Sungun Im(Phd), Sungun Lee(PhD), Hongsik Choi(PhD) in Gangnam Severance Hospital, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Research condition

    For the development of artificial larynx, the acoustic characteristics of the four groups were analyzed, and the 3 spoken lagnuage Therapists listened and evaluated their speech. Gruop 1, normal adult voice speech Gruop 2, esophageal speech Gruop 3, electronic artificial larynx speech Gruop 4, Moksori speech Mesure and scored by Lx Speed Studio and Dr. speech Science. Ona 7 point scale.

  • Result
    Moksori Normal speech Esophageal speech Electronic artificial larynx speech
    Vowel/A/continuously 101Hz 100Hz 73Hz 88Hz
    jitter - 0.42% 96% 0.24
    Shimmer 1.02% 6.29% 20.88% 0.00%
    HNR 23.64dB 25dB 0.96dB 22.0dB
    Moksori - Thin latex layer Moksori - Thick latex layer Moksori - Iron latex layer Electoronic artificial larynx Artificial larynx(Japan product) Esophageal speech
    Intonation 84.8~173.6Hz 86.8~194.4Hz 70~270Hz 87.5Hz 90-148Hz 70-71Hz
    Strength 66.7~87.3 dB 53.6~78.7 dB 40.6~78.0 dB 71.8 dB 60~79 dB 34.4~84.2 dB
  • Auditory evaluation

    Moksori was recognized as the most intelligent and near normal sound

    Accent Moksori > Esophageal speech > Electoronic artificial larynx Speed of speech Moksori > Electoronic artificial larynx > Esophageal speech
    Intonation Moksori > Electoronic artificial larynx > Esophageal speech Fluency of speech Moksori > Electoronic artificial larynx > Esophageal speech
    Strenth Moksori > Electoronic artificial larynx > Esophageal speech Stability of speech Moksori =Electoronic artificial larynx > Esophageal speech

Reed type artificial larynx Moksory present the best results on both acoustical and auditory analysis. It is efficient and easy to learn. Also it can be used immediately after laryngeal removeal surgery.