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Electronic Atificial Larynx MOKSORI E-1

Moksori Electronic aritifical Larynx is a aritifical vocalization aid device which helps those who have lost their vocalizaiton capacity due to their lack of vocal cords which might have been removed for their laryngeal cancer surgery.


  • First domestic patent registration
  • Can be used as Hands-Free mode by connecting Moksori artificial Larynx to its main body with connection Jack.
  • Can helps you to voice out in a minimized mechanical noise.
  • Can be used comfortably and in easy to use manner with its light weight & minimized size. (Weight 100g, Size 34mm X 106mm)
  • Maximized operation time : installed with Lithium-ion battery which is operable as long as 20 days with a single charging


  • 1The part which transmits the vibration sound generated from sound generation cap inside the mouth
  • 2The part which generates vibration sound 3Power On/Off switch 4Adjustment of sound volume level
  • 7Connection socket for Hands free usage mode 8Bal type dial which adjust high & low level of voice sound
  • 9Easy & convenient charging by connecting with USB micro charging jack. Also can be charged with Mobile phone charger(5pin Jack B type)

    [ How to use ]

  • Please put 1Diaphram on the soft part of your throat and seek & find part which can genartae loudest & clearest voice & sound when you press 2Sound generation knob with your mounth open and sound out some sound like “Ah!~” and/or “Oh!~’’. (Each person has his or her own part depending upon their skin thickness and their radiotherapy status.)
  • After Please find out your optimal Voice Volume & High level by adjusting 4Volume wheel and 8Pitch Adjustment ball .
  • You might feel a bit awakward at the first usage, Repated prcaitice of simple phrases and/or expressions will shorten your adaption period of this remarkable communication aid device.

    [ How to charge ]

  • Please pay your high attnrtion & caution MOKSORI E-1 ariticial Larynx E-1 be installed & charged ONLY with Lithium–ion 9V Battery in accordance with its original design.
    (※ Charging & usage with other types of battery might cause heavy & serious damage & mal-operation of the Artificial Larynx.)
  • When you try to charge the device by connecting charging jack to 9USB Charging socket , 4Volume wheel turns red signaling charging-start status and it turns blue when charging is completed.