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Moksori will help patients in any condition to be able to speak.

It is very important to select the Electro Larynx suitable for each Individual. Each type of Electro Larynx has its own strength and weakness depending on clear delivery of the speech, surgery status, and patients' daily activity.

While I have been used, compared, and analyzed various types of Electro Larynx products in worldwide for last 30 years since I had a surgery of Laryngeal removal in 1985, I possibly observed the specification of each product and developed Electro Larynx and functional Artificial Nose with newly created function.

Electro Larynx (Read-type) developed by our R&D was tested with 연세의대 음성언어 의학연구소 and its result was released at 한국음성과학회 학술발표대회.

According to the result for acoustical and Auditory perception test, Electro Larynx (Read-type) developed the clearest delivery of the voice and the function was simple enough for patients to learn how to use right after the surgery. Those results proved the product would be in compliance with laryngectomy patients' rehabilitation. (Reference: R&D section, home portal site)

Functional capacity of Electro larynx product is one of the important elements to consider when it is purchased. However, It is more important for patients to find and select the Electro Larynx suitable for each individual according to patients' physical status such as surgery, radiation, and esophagus transplantation in order to make the best efficiency. We guide you how to select Electro larynx based on our experience and expertise, and conduct one on one personal training to show how to use and apply the product. We are doing our best to improve the quality of life and assist patients to return to social life.

Thank you .